Top 3 FAQ

The short answer is months!  All our creations are packed in food safe, tamper proof containers (that can be recylced).This means that your Fluffy Crunch will stay fluffy for longer than any other packaging methods. While we recommend you enjoy your Fluffy Crunch creations within 7 days, tubs that are unopened and have traveled well during the shipping process will last for months. Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected. Nevertheless, our storage solution maintains the magical qualities of fairy floss for much longer than bags

The delicate and soft cloud-like texture that makes fairy floss so magical also makes it both sensitive and fragile. The elements like heat, moisture and humidity all impact the quality of fairy floss. That being said, the best approach is to store your Fluffy Crunch in a cool, dry place (do not refrigerate or freeze).

With 25 different Fluffy Crunch creations there's definitely a flavour that will meet your requirements.  Please refer to ourallergen statement for more details.  We've also created a range of flavours with no added colours. All colours are free from animal products and most creations are vegan friendly and gluten free.

General Topics

Simply put, it's our flavours and toppings that makes Fluffy Crunch gourmet. As Sydney's premium fairy floss service provider we're here to change the way you experience this traditional classic. Our quirky twist starts by incorporating some unexpected toppings to create a burst of flavour through ingredients like freeze dried fruit, honeycomb, cookies, powdered Nutella and popping candy. The Fluffy Crunch experience is fun, flavour packed and guaranteed to surprise and bring joy to people of all ages. 

With the ban of mass gatherings we've moved our entire business online and are now focusing our attention on improving the online experience. Once major events and festival are consider safe to attend you'll definitely find us spinning some floss near you. 

Our standard size tubs found in our "Build a Box" section are 50g while our petite tubs found in our Fairy Floss Countdown Box (Advent Calendar) and our party favours are 15g.

Fluffy Crunch is Australia's most awarded fairy floss brand having won over 25 medals since 2018, as recognised by the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. In Australia we refer to the magical fluffy creation of spun sugar as fairy floss. It's also know as cotton candy in the USA and Canada, while the United Kingdom refers to it as Candy Floss.

We understand that mistakes happen and sometimes orders are lost due to incorrect addresses provided by our customers. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or replacements for these lost orders. If a lost order is returned to us, please note that we will dispose of it unless you would like to pay for the additional shipping costs. However, we cannot guarantee that the product will be in good condition upon arrival, as Fairy Floss is delicate and repeated shipping may affect its quality. Shipping companies do not always handle returned packages with the necessary care, which may lead to damage.

In the event that there are issues with your tubs, such as damage or breakage during transit, or if the floss has shrunk due to mishandling, please notify us within 7 days of receiving your order so that we can arrange a replacement. It is important to reach out to us within this timeframe.

Please note that we do not offer refunds or replacements solely because you did not like a particular flavor.

If, by chance, you discover ants in your tubs (which has only occurred four times in the past eight years), and you wish to receive a replacement, please notify us on the day of delivery and provide images as evidence. Unfortunately, we are unable to address ant-related complaints that are reported after the day of delivery.

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Party Favours

Yes! Each creation will feature a  Fluffy Crunch label on one side with a nutritional information panel on the other side? 

Yes. The minimum order is 20 Party Favours. That means you can only choose two flavours as each bundle comes in ten units. If you are having a smaller party then use the remaining favours as a yummy well deserved reward for yourself.

Things like our production schedule, the quantity you require, the design and printing time frames as well as postage timetables all influence the amount of notice that we require.

Based on your delivery location we require the following time frame: 

Sydney Metro - 5 working days

Outside of Sydney, Metro NSW, VIC, QLD, SA - 10 working days

Interstate Regional Areas + WA, TAS, NT - 15 to 25 working days depending on the location.

*Please note the above time frames are a minimum requirement and we always appreciate just that little extra notice when possible.

Yes!Once you have decided on your presentation, eg a standard creation or a creation in a cello bag with a bow then simply choose your party favour by flavour or colour. Once you have selected your option follow the prompts and begin customising your selection.  Write your message (the shorter the better).  Upload your invitation or an example of what you had in mind for your personalised label and leave the rest to our design team.  Alternatively you can provide your own art work. 

Wholesale or Bulk Order

We do have a number of relationships with businesses and individuals who want to purchase large volumes, either for a one off event or for repeat wholesale/retail opportunities. Send us an email and we'll forward you our Retail Guide. 


No! Currently we do not offer same day delivery or specific day deliveries. 

We spin fairy floss on a daily basis and have daily scheduled pick ups from our couriers. We aim to process your order within one business day. We dispatch from Sydney and based on your location if you refer to our delivery guidelines you can estimate how long it may take to arrive.