Flavour Of The Week

Flavour Of The Week

Each week the Fluffy Crunch team will choose a new FLAVOUR OF THE WEEK.

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this week INTRODUCING... Fluffy-Cola!

Hey, banana flavour enthusiasts! FLUFFY-COLA is BACK for a limited time!!!

Indulge in the delight of the week: Fluffy Cola! Embark on a journey down memory lane as the refreshing essence of this fizzy flavour sends you on a nostalgic sugar rush. Unleash your taste buds to the symphony of sweetness, and let the fizzy magic of cola take you to new heights of deliciousness! 

Box contains, Flavour of the week tub, plus 3 flavours of your choice plus...

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Gena Domek
    Every flavour of the week

    I love sampling the Flavour of the week - Makes life easier! With so many AWESOME flavours I would be lost to pick one to be the flavour of the week. I also love how the team all take turns to choose their favourite flavour to be the the one of the week and would be interested to see who chooses which.
    Always well packaged, and full of flavour.

    Just be careful when buying for a friend as it will harder to part with than a sweet puppy dog.
    I have far bought 9 intended as part of my DIL Christmas present - I am thinking I might try again for her birthday in October… maybe...

    Kylie Abela

    Love, love, love Fluffy Crunch!! These are great to give out as gifts!! Everyone’s favourite flavour has been Salted Caramel!!

    Carrisa Rodda
    Best Christmas gifts

    I buy it for my girls for Christmas and choose different flavours they love it

    Sandy Mark
    Best ever

    Fluffy crunch makes the most flavoursome fairy floss I’ve ever had.. their variety is amazing and the flavour true to their name… I will be buying more in the future to spoil myself and my kids