Our Biggest Giveaway Ever!

Our Biggest Giveaway Ever - Fluffy Crunch Fairy Floss

The Ban of Mass Gatherings

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, on Friday, 13th of March 2020, the Prime Minister of Australia announced that all organised mass gatherings over 500 people should be cancelled. As soon as we heard the news our heart skipped a beat and panic set in. With no time to process the announcement, we received a call from the organiser of the Maitland Taste Festival letting us know that the two day festival had just been cancelled. The domino effect had started to build momentum.

We noticed event organisers reducing their risk by postponing and cancelling events about a week ago with festivals like Sweetstock and Meatstock both being postponed. It really hit home that Friday afternoon, when the Sydney Royal Easter  Show announced that they too would be cancelling, a decision that had not been made  since the public health pandemic of the Spanish Flu in 1919. After this announcement we knew that all our events over the next 3 to 6 months would be cancelled.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show Cancels.




In hindsight, we understand that these decisions had to be made, but at the time, it felt like everything was caving in and our future looked grim because we thought we’d be forced to close our doors.

We had 500kgs of sugar and over 6,000 Fluffy Crunch creations pre-made and ready to sell but no events to sell them at. 


Stress, fear, anxiety and anger.

After days of stress, fear, anxiety and anger, the only thing we could do to survive was to reach out to our community and ask for help.

Promoting our online “Build a Box” feature we asked our community to help us by ordering their favourite four flavours. With limited packaging and an excessiveamount of stock we also announced that every Friday we would give away 60 Fluffy Crunch creations to one lucky customer to say thank you for their support. 

Announcing our Biggest and Final Giveaway. 


The decision to reach out to our community and our desire to bring as much joy to our Fluffy Crunch enthusiasts, who have supported us over the last 4 years, has been the impetus that has helped us spiral upwards.

We’re still uncertain how the future will look and how we’ll get through the next 6 months, but one thing we are certain of is that we are committed to doing everything we can to create a positive experience for our community.

We ask that you keep sharing our story and continue to bring some sweet joy to your friends, partners, clients and family members, by buying a box of Fluffy Crunch and supporting our small business. 



The New Phase

So we made it through the initial stages of the pandemic. We survived the first three months of madness and now have to continue to do business in this "new normal" as the media so eloquently reminds us. 

As I'm updating this blog post, it's the 30 June 2020, and we're still having major events cancel. The Cabramatta Moon Festival which was planed for late September, with an expected turn out of 90,000 people will not proceed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. It's clear that our only way to survive is to continue to trade online.

We were going to end this giveaway but many of you reached out and asked us to keep it alive. I like to think we've reached a compromise by continuing the give away but reducing the frequency to once a month. 

So on the last Friday of every month we will select one lucky customer who purchased a product from our website, that month and send them 60 tubs of Fluffy Crunch.