Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019
Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019

Fairy Floss Advent Calendar 2019

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NOTE: 2019 Fairy Floss Advent Calendars are available for a limited time.  You can order multiple calendars but they will be delivered to the same address.
Fairy Floss Advent Calendars orders placed Today will begin dispatching from SYDNEY NSW the 19th November.  DELIVERY times will depend on your location in Australia. 

Are you ready for the World's First Fairy Floss Advent Calendar?

  • Featuring 25 delightful petite creations, this pack is the perfect treat to indulge in as you countdown the days to Christmas.

  • Behind each of our sweet windows you'll find a different 15gm creation together with a daily message.

  • Our 25 creations include our current Fluffy Crunch range together with 9 Award Winning Flavours and 4 Mystery Flavours, never seen before.

  • You'll be surprised & delighted as you unbox these sweet treats over the festive season.

  • Share it with friends, family, work mates or just keep it all to yourself.

  • Box Size: MASSIVE! - 58cm x 45cm x 10cm

  • Made in Australia.
  • Limited Supply and Guaranteed to sell out again
  • Dispatch begins early November.

Frequently asked questions

We've included our 9 award winning flavours as recognised by the Sydney Royal Show 2018 and 2019:

Salted Caramel - 2019 Gold & 2018 Bronze Medalist, Rosewater & Pistachio - 2019 Silver & 2018 Bronze Medalist, Apple Pie - 2019 & 2018 Bronze Medalist, Mango - 2019 Bronze Medalist, Fluffy-Tella - 2019 Bronze Medalist, Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter - 2019 Bronze Medalist, Choc Mint Cookies - 2019 Bronze Medalist, Strawberry Lemonade - 2019 Bronze Medalist, Crushed Cookies - 2018 Silver Medalist.

You'll find our current range together with some special edition flavours which includes: Unicorn Dreams, Bubble Gum, Galaxy Pop Rocks, Lychee, Blue Raspberry, Peaches & Cream, Berry Crunch and Pina Colada, Watermelon, Choc Orange and Sambuca.

The final 4 creations will be a surprise...let's call them our Mystery Flavours

Dispatch will begin early November.

Fluffy Crunch is packaged in high quality, tamper proof, air tight containers that will main the soft, fluffy texture for months. We label our creations with a best before date of 5 months from the day of production. 

After taking into account our corporate orders and our pre-sale offering we're down to our last few hundred. We're definitely going to sell out so get in quick. 

No. We've included 25 different creations that will definitely get your inner child screaming for more. 

Unfortunately not at this moment in time. If you love a particular flavour let us know and we'll consider releasing in shortly.

Every creation is labeled with its own nutritional panel outlining all allergens. Accommodating for all fairy floss lovers, we have created a range with no added colours specially for allergen conscious individuals. All colours used are free from animal products, and most fairy floss creations are Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free but please refer to the nutritional information for further clarity.

Yes we do! 

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